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JUNE 13TH - 22TH
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Critical Documentary and Journalism

A unique opportunity for young filmmakers/documentarists between 18 and 25 old from Northern-Norway and Northwest-Russia.

Film and documentation workshop with Trine Hamran. The group will examine what is critical journalism and documentary, why it is so important and what we can learn from each other by collaborating across borders?
Through the method "from the idea to the finished film in five days" the group will make a short film. The finished film will be screened at the closing event of TIFF.

Date: 12th - 18th January 2015
Location: Tvibit, Tromsø
Participants: 4 Northern-Norway, 4 Northwest-Russia

The workshop is free! We pay travel and accommodation! Accreditation to Tromsø International Film Festival included.

The Workshop is supported by Barentssekretariatet and Nordnorsk Film Senter in co-operation with Barents Youth Film Academy (BYFA).

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NUFF 2014 awardAnd the winner is...

Check out the winners of the Nordic and the International competition at NUFF 2014

Yesterday evening five prizes were given to five young filmmakers from Sweden, Germany/Iran, Norway and Hungary.

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NUFF 2014The NUFF workshop

On Friday June 13st the 12th NUFF film workshop starts at the Youth Culture House TVIBIT in Tromsø. 40 participants from 11 countries will participate. In 5 groups they will make 5 films in 6 days mentored by 5 professional filmmakers. Deadline for the films is on Friday 20th at 10:00 am! The finished films will be presented in the evening at the Verdensteatret cinema.

We're looking forward to meet everybody and having fun at NUFF for 10 days.


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NUFF 2014NUFF 2014 film program

33 nordic films and 22 international films from 20 countries.

And much more!

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Sneak preview VT - NUFF 2014SNEAK PREVIEW

300 high school students in Tromsø had the opportunity to watch a short selection of the NUFF 2014 film program at Verdensteatret - Cinemateket i Tromsø yesterday and today.

We're looking forward to the festival starting June 13th!

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NUFF 2014 Teaser

Check out the new festival teaser here... and the trailer here...





Great professional teachers for NUFF 2014

We're happy to announce the five workshop leaders for the NUFF 2014 workshops. The Oscar nominee Christine Cynn (The Act of Killing), the international rewarded short filmmaker Sahim Omar Kalifa from Belgium, the German film director Henner Winckler, the Norwegian writer and director Rebecca Figenschau and the Norwegian cinematographer Martin J. Edelsteen will join us to work with 40 young filmmakers from all over the world.

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Before the premiere
(Foto: Bianca Emilia Fjellstad

The first part Kurdish-Norwegian Youth Cinema collaboration is accomplished. On Saturday evening, January 18th, the group with the Kurdish-German film director Hüseyin Tabak workshop leader, presented their film "Snipp Snipp" at the the closing and award ceremony of the Tromsø International Film Festival in front a packed theatre with over 600 people.

The workshop will be continued at NUFF 2014 in June and after that the same group meet again at the Duhok International Film Festival in Kurdistan (Iraq).

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NUFF 2014

Call for entry!

Finally the film & workshop entry forms are available. Submitt your films and join our workshops.

The Nordic competition is for films which are made in the last two years by young filmmakers 26 years old and younger and from the Nordic Countries. The films must not be longer then 20 minutes.

The film competition will be devided in three different age groups. The awards are the best Nordic film, the best film in age group <18, the best film in age group 18 - 20 & in age group 21 - 26.

The International competition is for filmsd made by young filmmakers 26 years old and younger from all other countries. The films must not be longer then 20 minutes. The award is for the best international film.

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TIFF 2014

Tromsø Filmgalleri is showing films from Palestine during the Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival.

Håkon Birkenland Toft, member of the NUFF board, has arrange this amazing film gallery on a central point at the festival cinema at TIFF and selected films by young Palestinian filmmakers both from the West Bank and Gaza. Each screen represents one unique filmmaker, and you can easily listen to the movies by using the headset equipped next to the TV.




NUFF 2014

Coming soon - call for entries

On Friday 17th 2014 we will oppen for the film entries for NUFF 2014.

Check out the pictures from 2013 here...


NUFF at the Tromsø International Film Festival TIFF, Norway's biggest film festival.

At TIFF 2014 we will present the winner films of NUFF 2013, we will have a reception for the national and international guests of TIFF where young filmmakers can meet the professionals and we will arrange a film workshop with the reknown Kurdish-German professional filmmaker Hüseyin Tabak.

Four young filmmakers from Norway will meet four young filmmakers from Kurdistan making a film together in six days during TIFF. The workshop will be continued with the same group at NUFF 2014 (June) and the Duhok International Film Festival 2014 (September) in Kurdistan/Iraq.

Gaza - NUFF 2013Visit in Gaza

Finally we had the opportunity to visit our friends in Gaza.
Since 2006 we have regularly screened films from Palestine and have had a lot of young filmmakers participating in NUFF workshops. To meet those “old” friends at home was amazing. Everything we thought we knew was different. It seemed so normal to be with our friends, to laugh and to eat together. Gaza is the world’s biggest prison with the world’s bravest people, who keep their dignity and pride in an unacceptable situation.
We cannot do enough to keep the world’s focus on Gaza. NUFF will continue to connect young filmmakers from Gaza to the world and to screen their films.
It’s about friendship! Free Gaza!

“Gaza City. The donkeys are back in sanitation service (the expensive gasoline makes cars litter dust). The town has electricity only 6 hours a day. The ancient patriarchs are the bosses of their own neighbourhoods and get their portraits painted in graffiti. Reminders of the war are visible on every corner. The beach is fantastic and the water full of shit because most of the sewage goes straight into the sea after Israeli bombs. (Also scrubbers go on power.) The salt content in the ground water rises dangerously (because the sea is rising and water pipes are full of holes). Unemployment is soaring. The border is closed. As someone I met said it: ‘People on the street smile and laugh, but on the inside they panic.’” (Kristen E. Bjørn, Gaza 2013 – travel companion)

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As a result of the 2nd Youth Cinema Conference September 9th-13th at Four River Film Festival in Karlovac, Croatia the Youth Cinema Network was founded.

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NUFF 2013The NUFF 2013 awards

And the winner is...

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