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Terms for the international film program
  1. NUFF international film program is an independent program of films made by young filmmakers 26 years and younger from the entire world. This festival is managed by Youth Culture House Tvibit.
  2. Selection:
    • The NUFF management has appointed an selction jury which will choose the program independently.
    • The selected program will be shown at NUFF 2014 June 13th - 22th.
    • Only films that have been cleared of rights (including musical rights) will be accepted.
    • The films have to be made by director and 50% of the staff from 15 to 26 years old.
    • Films will be accepted in all genres and must not be longer than 20 minutes.
  3. Invitations:
    • Some young filmmakers might be invited to take part in the NUFF 2014 film workshops and present their films at NUFF 2011.
  4. Deadline for submission:
    • All entry forms for the international film program must be registered on-line at (English language required).
    • Deadline is March 1st 2014.
    • All entries for the international film program must have a online-copy, mp4, mov, avi, DVD, DVD Rom or miniDV of good quality with English subtitles. Whenever possible, please send a photo from the film and of the filmmaker(s) for the festival catalogue and the press.
    • Screeners can also be uploaded to our dropbox:
  5. Shipping information:
    • Once your film has been registered on-line, you will automatically receive a reference number and a confirmation letter giving you the postal address where you should send the material (VHS, DVD, DVD Rom, miniDV, pictures etc.).
    • This material should reach its destination by March 1st 2014, at the latest.
    • Shipping expenses for the film are to be born by the submitter.
    • All films should be labelled: “For temporary use only. For festival and cultural purposes only. No commercial value”.
    • Films sent by courier must be accompanied by a proforma invoice stating a total value of up to $15 US.
  6. Insurance:
    • Your film copies won’t be insured by NUFF.
  7. Film return:
    • VHS cassettes and DVD used for pre-selection will not be returned.
  8. NUFFVideo Archive:
    • All films submitted for the festival will remain with NUFF for individual/scientific purposes.
  9. NUFF DVD:
    • A compilation of the best films, will be produced and offered to festivals, organisations, conferences, around the world upon request only on non commercial usage.
  10. Rights of action:
    • The submitter of both competitions has no rights of action after submitting the form.
  11. Website:
    • NUFF keeps its website updated but can’t guarantee that the information is at all time exact or correct.
    • NUFF tries to hold the website clean of virus and other noxious elements.
    • Eventual problems by using the website are only the visitors concern
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