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NUFF 2007 Group 2 (Foto: Kristian O. Gundersen)

Tromsø, June 13th - 23th 2013

The workshops were amazing, from the leaders to the participants, the cooperation between the participants and the whole spirit was so good from everybody, the leaders, the stakeholders (TVIBIT-family, NUFF-family ...),everything was so smooth and simplified. (Christine Rinawi, 2011)

5 Films
Five workshop groups guided by professional filmmakers.
Making of five short films in five days.
The results will be shown at the cinema Verdensteatret Kino during the opening of the festival.

Profiled Worshop Teachers
The workshop teachers are coming from different countries with different backgrounds.

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Sound Design

As a workshop SOUND DESIGN is a project which is stimulating to original film-music composing. The main goal is to show that film-making is also sound and music. You have to think about audio too when you’re making your movie! Music made by other people will always have publishing rights and it’s important to get original music made for your movie. Then you won’t get sued or have big bills coming your way after a movie is made.

The project is taking place as a workshop during NUFF 2012. 6 young local musicians are producing the film-music for the NUFF-workshop group films at the same time as they are getting made. They are taking part in the film idea developing process and giving the film already there a musical input. This group will be supervised by the professional musician and music-producer Bojan Vuletic.

The youth culture house Tvibit is located at the centre of downtown Tromsø, and provides camera-, audio-, light equipment and five film editing places during the festival. Tvibit will be the festival centre during NUFF with a café and a meeting point for all workshop- and festival participants, for the audience and film experts.

The workshop participants will live at Thon Hotel Polar near Tvibit. As a workshop participant breakfast, lunch and dinner is free.

NUFF 2007Charge
The workshop fee will be 1000,- NOK.
The fee includes workshop, accommodation and three meals each day.

Age limit
The participation at the NUFF workshops is limited for participants between 15 - 25 years old.

Submissions will be processed until May 1st 2013

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The Films
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