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NUFF 2007The Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF

For young filmmakers between 15 and 25 years old.

Based at the youth Culture House TVIBIT in Tromsø, Northern Norway, NUFF has already a 12 year success-story. Started by the wish to support young local filmmakers and to get an idea how our neighbours making film and telling stories discovered NUFF the world of the Youth Cinema.

The quality of the films increases, the incredible atmosfere of the workshops and the growing network of filmmakers, partners and projects is making NUFF to a unique summer event behind the polar circle under the overwhelming midnight sun.

NUFF offers

  • Nordic film competition
  • International film program
  • International film workshop
  • International film network
  • International film seminars, discussions and a lot of fun!

NUFF 2006With the method of "From the idea to a finished film" in only one week participants learn how to make a movie directly in cooperation with professional filmmakers.

NUFF annually invites profiled filmmakers from different countries to supervise the five workshop groups. With the different backgrounds from professional filmmaking film producers like Jim Stark (USA) & Peter Rommel (Germany), script writers like Torleif Hoppe (Denmark), film directors like Matthias Glasner and Jörg Buttgereit (both Germany) and Asif Kapadia (UK) or documentary filmmakers like Linda Hattendorff (USA) and Aslaug Holm (Norway) are teaching directly from their experience of daily professional work with film.

NUFF has no classes! The groups are deciding the ideas, the content and the methods. Every participant will find his/her place in the group and the position which fits best in the production team. The goal is to get the film ready to the deadline and watch the results together on the big scene in one of Northern Europe's oldest cinema Verdensteatret Kino.

More information about the competition, the international film program and the workshops check the links.

Voices from NUFF:

"NUFF is a beautiful concept. Making it global this year even enriches it more. Gathering youth filmmakers from all over the world under one roof and exhibiting their works only furthers their common interest and fuses there mutual understanding and love for film and filmmaking." (Busayo Iruemiobe, Nigeria - NUFF 2007)

"I liked it. I learned things on the set and get inspired by all different people. I'm optimistic and feel that film is full of all possibilities/vastness from all the different people and movies I've seen. The festival was organized well and interesting program." (Nila Wallin, Norway - NUFF 2007)

"Incredible! I have travelled the world extensively making films and attending festivals and have never experienced such a loving, poignant and profound time as this one. Your dedication to media activism and global media literacy is astounding. May NUFF spreads it wings and fly!" (Paolo Davanzo, USA - Workshop teacher NUFF 2007)


NUFF is a non profit assosiation leaded by an excecutive comittee. The festival is managed by the festival director and his staff.

The members of the 2012 executive comittee are:

NUFF 2013 - the board
Ylva Maria Pavval, Gøril Skotnes (Teacher at Breivika HS), Rolf Damsgaard (Teacher Breivika HS), Christian Hyld (Director Youth Culture House TVIBIT), Jorunn Olaussen (Chairman), Håkon Toft, Martha Otte (Festival Director Tromsø International Film Festival - TIFF)



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