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Friday 11.06 Saturday 12.06 Sunday 13.06
18:00 Opening 13:00 Program 1 13:00 Program 3
    15:30 Program 2 15:10 Program 4
    19:00 Up and coming Argentina 16:30 Green Screen


Portraits of German Alcoholics

20:00 Closing Seremony


Andrea Flakstad Conradsen Bortebane <18
Elisa Pirir Nord 18-20
Andreas Rørslett & Ole Kristian Nilsen Post <18
Prog 1 (part 1)
Toni Nordli Shark bait 21-25
Alexander Dernelius Telephone Dream <18
Markus Kaatsch My Sascha INT
Augustin Rebetez Feelings INT
Hugo Martín Cuervo Ending INT
Salman Khorshidi Chef INT
Prog 1 (part 2)
Julius Telmer  Duel 21-25
Sofie Hellström & Stella Jaskoviak Teddy's Adventure <18
Abdallah Awad al Ghoul Ticket To Azrael INT
Prog 2 (part 1)
Elhadj Ass  Bamba Sene  Jackal Clandestin INT
Håvard Gossé Bergseth An Honest Citizen 21-25
Erlendur Sveinsson Jitter 21-25
Martin Strandberg All Work And No Play 18-20
Drew Morton Goldsmith No Pity INT
Prog 2 (part 2)
Linus Andersson The Kite 18-20
Julius Mwelu Under Siege INT
Ivar Andreas Waage Johansen Assboy <18
Jacob Danell Rare Fate <18
Michael Valentin Draw 18-20
Liali R.K. Killani My Cousin INT
Prog 3 (part 1)
Josèphine Adams Close to you 21-25
Iain Forbes Summer's End 18-20
William Rosso Pandemic 18-20
Minna Korhonen Family Portrait 21-25
Martin Åhlin Iceberg 18-20
Prog 3 (part 2)
Kim Hye In Drive INT
Noor Afana & Eman Hassona Who Am I? INT
Ahang Bashi Paradise 21-25
Victor Danell Nakenlekar 18-20
Prog 4
Andreas Eidhagen Unwelcome 21-25
Marcell Antolik Peach INT
Simon Holmström A Vital Meeting 21-25
Vappu Tuomisto The City 21-25
Pauline Awuor Mango Lost Chance INT
Jonathan Norberg Ut 21-25
Habeeb Mu'azu Another Chapter INT
Lina Lindblom The Changeling <18
Up-coming Argentina    
Felipe Gálvez Haberle Silencio en la sala  
Jorge Fried Budnik Ausente  
Pablo Lamar Noche adentro  
Leonardo A. Macedo Dos rosas  



Opening films

NUFF 2010 - BortebaneBortebane 
Away From Home 

Norway 2010 documentary / "Art" 6 min
Prod: Andrea Flakstad Conradsen 
Dir: Andrea Flakstad Conradsen (15)
DoP: Andrea Flakstad Conradsen 
Script: Andrea Flakstad Conradsen 
Music: Iselin Andresen 
Cast: Vidar Skog Tømmervik, Kamilla Klausmark Hatlenes, Trygve Sverdrupsen 

Parents, teachers and local authorities want the youth to live in their home place for as long as possible. But some teenagers have to move away from home when they have finished junior high. In this movie, we meet three teenagers from Helgeland. They have dreams, talents and wishes that they only can fulfil by playing away. 

Supporting organization:
TVIBIT filmhus
Joachim Lyng
Tromsø, Norway

I was one of the winners of "NN filmidekonkurranse" in Tromsø, Norway 2010.


NUFF 2010 - NordNord  

Norway 2010 Animation 5 min
Prod: Espen Olaisen  
Dir: Elisa Pirir  (19)
DoP: Elisa Pirir 
Script: Elisa Pirir 
Music: Mariano Valverde, Noche de Luna entre Ruinas 1903 

One can have more than one identity. The short movie is about a young man from Mexico living in Tromsø.  His heart is divided between Mexico and Tromsø. He envisions Tromsø as colourful as Mexico. Even if he was not born in Tromsø, he feels at home in the city and manages to see what he loves in Mexico in what he loves in Tromsø.  

Supporting organization:
TVIBIT filmhus
Joachim Lyng
Tromsø, Norway

I was one of the winners of "NN filmidekonkurranse" in Tromsø, Norway 2010.


NUFF 2010 - PostPost

Norway 2010 Comedy 6 min
Dir: Andreas Rørslett & Ole Kristian Nilsen
DoP: Andreas Rørslett, Ole Kristian Nilsen, Sondre Sandbakken og June Åsheim
Script: Andreas Rørslett & Ole Kristian Nilsen
Music: Høgtun
Cast: Morten Røsrud, Petter Myrbakken, Bjørn Nilsen, Kjell Magne Lundskar, André Isak Isaksen

The story takes place in Northern Norway where a young postman has been transferred to the cold north. Here he meets all different kind of strange people.

Supporting organization:
TVIBIT filmhus
Joachim Lyng
Tromsø, Norway

I was one of the winners of "NN filmidekonkurranse" in Tromsø, Norway 2010.


Nordic Youth Film Competition

Age Group >18

NUFF 2010 - Teddys resa Teddys resa 
Teddy's Adventure 

Sweden 2009 Animated 3 
Prod: Sofie Hellström/Stella Jaskoviak 
Dir: Sofie Hellström/Stella Jaskoviak (14)
Dop: Sofie Hellström/Stella Jaskoviak 
Script: Sofie Hellström/Stella Jaskoviak 
Music: Sofie Hellström/Stella Jaskoviak 

A little girl loses her teddybear and he goes through some adventures. 

Directors background:
Both Stella and Sofie started making animated films together 5 years ago. 


NUFF 2010 - Rare FateSällsynt Öde 
Rare Fate 

Sweden 2009 Drama 5 min
Prod: Jacob Danell 
Dir: Jacob Danell (17)
DoP: Jacob Danell 
Script: Jacob Danell 
Music: Royalty-free 
Cast: Stina Gustafsson, Jacob Danell, Kim Petersson Persson 

What happens after death? This is one way how it might happen. 


NUFF 2010 - Telephone DreamTelephone Dream 

Sweden 2009 Experimental 1 
Prod: Alexander Dernelius 
Dir: Alexander Dernelius (11)
DoP: Alexander Dernelius 
Script: Alexander Dernelius / Sara Olsson-Shirazi 
Cast: Sara Olsson-Shirazi

A girl sits at a table. The girl is reading a newspaper. She trembles. Is she afraid? Is she waiting for something? The phone rings. Suddenly the girl's life is turned upside down ... 

"HARSVALL" (1 min/2007):
Jury's Honorary Award, Stockholm Film Festival Junior, 2008
1st prize, Kids for Kids 2009 (Tampere, Finland), Int. Film Festival.
"MORNING DREAM" (1 min/2008):
1st prize, PIXEL 2008
"TELEPHONE DREAM" (1 min/2009):
1st prize, the Stockholm Film Festival Junior, 2009
2nd prize, PIXEL 2009
Best Production design, PIXEL 2009 

Directors background:
The young filmmaker ALEXANDER DERNELIUS (born 1999) first film interest took its first faltering steps, when he was six year old who visited Lund Hospital, and their play therapy for children. There he discovered a portable animation studio from UR. First film was the animated knight movie "Dragon Slayer".
After a number of years and short films with his family, Alexander was an acclaimed trilogy of children's dreams and imagination. The three films ( "Harsvall", "Morning Dream", "TelephoneDream") won awards and spring 2009, he won first prize at the Stockholm Film Festival Junior with the last movie. 


NUFF 2010 - RompeguttRompegutt 

Norway 2010 Comedy 14 
Prod: Christian K. Caspersen 
Dir: Ivar Waage Johansen (16)
DoP: Christian K. Caspersen 
Script: Ivar Waage Johansen 
Cast: Johannes Ytreberg Meløe, Eirin Høegh, Ole Elverhöi Sörlie, Anette Ulriksen, Kristian Arntzen Karijord, Kristina Hansen Reinholdtsen 

Vegard is in love with Monica. Monica is also in love with him, but her best friend Berit  don´t fancy Vegard, creating a difficult situation for Monica. Vegard overhears a conversation where Monica says that he has a small ass. Vegard then embarks on an intense "training" program.  

Director’s background:
Ivar Waage Johansen (16) has directed several small short films, won the Laterna Magica film award 5 times in a row, and participated in 2 NUFF workshops during the last 9 months. 


NIUFF 2010 - A Vital MeetingEtt livsviktigt möte 
A Vital Meeting 

Finland 2010 Drama 7 
Prod: Simon Holmström and Simon Jansson 
Dir: Simon Jansson (16)
DoP: Simon Holmström 
Script: Désirée Nordlund 
Music: Reguel Steinbock 
Cast: Malin Jingstål and Sara Sjöholm 

A stressed mum is late for an important meeting when her daughter wants to play hide-and-seek. Other problems arise, and they finally have to take the bike. In the middle of the journey they realize that it was fortunate that her daughter wanted to play. 


Age Group 18-20

NUFF 2010 - All Work No PlayAll work and No play 

Sweden 2009 Comedy 4 min 
Prod: Martin Strandberg 
Dir: Martin Strandberg (20)
DoP: Martin Strandberg 
Script: Robin LindKvist 
Music: Thomas Eriksson 
Cast: Tommie Löfgren, Martin Eriksson
Cleaner: Robin Lindkvist 

The workday is long since over. Left on the office is two men, outworked and burned out. But what happens when their inner child awakens from an oppression caused by overtime and post-its?   

Director’s background:
Several projects under the SlashM3 banner, a small production group made by friends.  


NUFf 2010 - DrawRemis 

Denmark 2009 Action-Thriller 12 min
Prod: Maj Chanel Rafferty 
Dir: Lin Alluna (20)
DoP: Benjamin Lee Nordsø 
Script: Mads Møller  
Music: Apollo 
Cast: Rudi Køhnke, Jakob Hanibal 

Draw is the tale of a personal and ideological conflict in an alternative setting. Opposites must face each other in this action-packed story that leaves the viewer with something to think about.  

Forfatter uden ord, 2007 

Director’s background:
Lin Alluna made her debut as a director in 2007 with the film “writer without words”. Since that time she has directed a variety of short films showing the versatility of this promising young, female director. She has always been fascinated by movies, and especially the role as a director feels right to her. For Lin the work with the actors seems natural and she really likes the role as an empathic yet leading person that you need to be as a director.   

Supporting organisaztion:
Station Next 
Michael Valentin 
Station Next is a part-time film school for young people between 13-20 of age. 


NUFF 2010 - IsbergIsberg 

Sweden 2010 Comedy 8 min
Prod: Martin Åhlin 
Dir: Martin Åhlin (18)
DoP: Erik Gotfredsen Johansson 
Script: Martin Åhlin 
Music: Skaburbian Collective 
Cast: Jimmy Backman, Catherine Parment, Saskia Husberg 

A man meets a strange older woman at the supermarket who have an even stranger request.  

"Highway To Heaven" 2009 - Documentary (Won award at NUFF 2009)
"Natten Till Måndag" 2009 - 20 minute drama. Feature. (Writer)
"Vermilion" 2009 - 30 minute drama. Feature. (Writer, director)
Director’s background:
Martin Åhlin has three years of film school behind him where he has directed two short films, written a short film, starred in features and made a documentary together with a friend.   

Supporting organization:
Filmskolan, Luleå 
Christer Engberg 
A three-year education where the student gets to learn everything from television to documentary to feature film.  


NUFF 2010 - Summer's EndFør Snøen Faller 
Summer's End 

Norway 2009 Drama 5:45 min
Prod: Marianne Braastad 
Dir: Iain Forbes (19)
DoP: Benjamin Mosli 
Script: Iain Forbes 
Music: Espen Horne & Benjamin Mosli 
Cast: Håkon Mørland, Vera Kristine Heggenhougen, Mette Lokshall 

"Før Snøen Faller" aka "Summer's End" details 19 year old Morgan's last day at home before he is to start school abroad. But of late his father’s condition has worsened, and Morgan has been avoiding him. Leaving home has become more of a challenge than Morgan had expected. 

Director’s background:
"Før Snøen Faller" aka "Summer's End" is Iain Forbes' first short film. 
Iain Forbes was born in Scotland to a Norwegian mother and Scottish father, and was raised in Lillesand, Norway. He has always had a passion for film making, and has studied Medier and Kommunikasjon for three years before attending the film course at Danvik Folkehøgskole where he currently still resides.


NUFF 2010 - PandemicPandemic 

Sweden 2009 SciFi/Thriller 13 
Prod: William & Sebastian Rosso 
Dir: William & Sebastian Rosso (19)
DoP: Sebastian Rosso 
Script: William Rosso 
Music: Aleksej Shakov 
Cast: Johan Kinnander, William Rosso, Otto Arvidsson, Tiborg Gödelberg, Aleksej Shakov, Arijana Kapic, Jon Arvidsson. 

In a nation torn apart by warfare and deseases, two young travellers carry out a rescue mission to the city of Dresten, unaware of the dangers they will have to face on the way. 



NUFF 2010 - DrakenDraken 
The Kite 

Sweden 2009 Drama 10 
Prod: Linus Andersson 
Dir: Nils Moström (20)
DoP: Martin Gärdemalm 
Script: Nils Moström 
Music: Anders Wall 
Cast: Vide Öman, Hansola Stenlund 

On his sixth birthday a boy runs out before everyone else woke up and is determined to try his new present. But what he doesn't know is that it's going to take a lot of list and nerve to accomplish the kite in the air. This is a tribute to childhood and to the northern parts of Sweden filmed on 8 mm. 

Praecordia - 2008 , Short 8mm 

Director’s background:
Nils Moström descend from Umeå in the north of Sweden, where he studied film in the upper secondary school. He later on studied science of art in one term at the university and continued on a TV-production school. Now he is working on several short film projects.
- Midgårdsskolan - Film (2004-2007)
- Science of art - Umeå universitet. (2007)
- Gamleby TV-production (2008-2010)  

Supporting organization:
Film i Västerbotten 
Lill Casslind 
lill @ filmivasterbotten.com 
Umeå, Sweden 
Supports filmproduction i the region Västerbotten in the northern of Sweden.  


NUFF 2010 - NakenlekarNakenlekar 

Sweden 2009 Fiction/Comedy 3 min
Prod: Albin Pettersson 
Dir: Victor Danell 
DoP: Hannes Krantz 
Script: Christoffer Nordenrot 
Cast: Magnus Sundberg, Christoffer Nordenrot 

A story about a new perspective of masculinity. 

Crazy Pictures 
Albin Pettersson 
Unlimited storytelling 


Age Group 21-25

NUFF 2010 - Haien KommerHaien kommer 
Shark bait 

Norway 2009 Fiction 10 min
Prod: Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole (Nordland College of Art and Film) 
Dir: Toni Nordli (22)
DoP: Kim Sletback Groustra 
Script: Toni Nordli 
Music: Tom-Erlend Malm 
Cast: Erlend Nordli, Sindre Dahl, Sigurd Sandbakken, Endre Kristoffersen, Jørgen W. Bull, Toni Nordli.  

Erlend is bullied at school, and his older brother implores him to use violence to solve his problems.  

Litt om min far (A little something about my dad), Documentary, 2005
Peters siste dag (Peters last day), Documentary, 2006
Mine ideer (My ideas), short film, 2006
Brødre: guttene i røyken (Brothers: the boys in the smoke), short film, 2007
Ilsa's anatomy class, animation, 2007
Kjærlighet (Love), documentary, 2008
Birger, short film, 2008
Untitled, experimental film, 2009
Eggs don't fight with rocks, experimental film, 2009
Haien kommer (Shark Bait), short film, 2009 

Directors background:
Toni Nordli comes from the northern part of Norway. He got his interest in movies after making some documentaries at high school at the age of 17. At the age of 19 he attended Nordland Art and Filmschool for two years. Now he studies psychology at the University in Tromsø. 


NUFF 2010 - An Honest CitizenEn ærlig borger 
An honest citizen 

Norway 2009 Fiction 1 min
Prod: www.prosjektor.net 
Dir: Håvard Gossé Bergseth (23)
DoP: Petter Aspdal Hansen 
Script: Håvard Gossé Bergseth 
Music: www.jamendo.com 
Cast: Bendik Toldnes, Tor Hyldmo, Helle Jørstad, Jon Helge Kristiansen 

Everything you say, can and will be used against you. 


NUFF 2010 - Close to YouTätt intill 
Close to you 

Sweden 2009 Drama 15 min
Prod: Josèphine Adams 
Dir: Josèphine Adams (22)
DoP: Iris Wenander 
Script: Josèphine Adams 
Music: Johan Johnson 
Cast: Agnes Hargne Wallander, Nora Julia, Mikael Elofsson 

Therese thinks that Martina’s boyfriend is the most boring guy you can find. Martina herself cannot decide what she wants.

Berlin, Baby, 2008/ Komma ikapp, 2008/På genomresa - En intervju med Roy Andersson, 2008/09/Tätt intill 2008/09
Directors background:
Filmlinjen på Fridhems Folkhögskola 2007 - 2009. Studerar för närvarande på Filmhögskolan i Göteborg. 


NUFF 2010 - JitterFlökt 

Iceland 2009 Horror 13 min
Prod: Erlendur Sveinsson 
Dir: Erlendur Sveinsson (22)
DoP: Erlendur Sveinsson 
Script: Erlendur Sveinsson 
Music: Einar Sverrir Tryggvason 
Cast: Auður Ösp Guðmundsdóttir , Atli friðbergsson, Elfar Smári Sverrisson

An Icelandic folk tale states that a beast lives in Landsveit in the mountains of Rangárvallar county, Iceland. According to the tale "the beast" feeds on human hearts and attacks every 6 years. No one knows if it still exists. This film tells the story of a young couple that decides to drive up to a summerhouse in Landsveit to fix their troubled relationship. But as the darkness creeps in, some very odd things start to happen. 

Flökt (Jitter) -2009 

Director’s background:
22 year old student at the Icelandic film school. Studying to become a film maker/producer.  This was my first short. 
The only film school in Iceland. Has 4 different degrees. 1. Directing/producing. 2. Directing/script wiriting. 3. Technical work. 4. Acting. 


NUFF 2010 - TrollungenTrollungen 
The Changeling 

Sweden 2010 Fiction Drama 13:45 min
Prod: Lina Lindblom 
Dir: Lina Lindblom (24)
DoP: Niklas Panthell 
Script: Lina Lindblom 
Music: Olle Sjöström 
Cast: Emma King, Pål Ströbaek, Teresia Pettersson, Anna Åsdell, Mattias Pettersson 

Julia and Tom are ganged up on in school. They try to stand up for each other but because of the circumstance they have it difficult to meet as friends. And comes there a time when it’s too late for trying? 

Trollungen, fiction 2010
Resan till slutet vid början, fiction 2009
Klasskamp, fiction 2007
Tilltro, fiction 2006
Jackt-Lycka, fiction 2006
Director’s background:
Filmiska Processer Filmhögskolan 30hp sommaren 09
Regiworkshop med Lisa Aschan, Filmbasen våren 09
Filmvetenskap Stockholms Universitet 09
Praktikantår Regi Spegelteatern 08
Filmlinje Molkoms Folkhögskola 05-07
Mediagymnasiet Nacka Strand 05
Supporting organization:
Film Basen Film Stockholm 
jon @ filmbasen.se 
Stockholm, Sweden 
Filmbasen is supporting short and documentary film projects for young filmmakers. 


NUFF 2010 - DuellenDuellen 
The Duel 

Denmark 2009 Thriller 11:50 min
Prod: Julius Telmer 
Dir: Julius Telmer (24)
DoP: Mathias Doecker Petersen 
Script: Julius and Philip Telmer 
Music: Lui Rosenkrantz Pedersen 
Cast: Christoffer Svane, Rudi Køhnke 

In an apartment one man is getting ready for work when he sees the car parked down at the street. He knows who it is and what he wants – so he rushes out the backdoor. But is that enough to escape the past? The Duel is a story about two men fighting the past and staying one step ahead at all times. 

2009 The Duel
2009 Sofa 

Director’s background:
Started ICON Proud Productions in the summer of 2008. Since then he has Directed and produced the short films “The Duel” and “Sofa” and the music videos “Chasing Light” and “Pretended” for the rock band Terminal and “The Butter Trilogy” for the band Butter Your Bacon.
He attended The European Film College in 2005/06 and was in charge of Gamereactor TV from 2006-08. Currently he is studying Film and Media science at the University of Copenhagen.


NUFF 2010 - UtUt

Sweden 2009 Documentary 8 min
Prod: Jonathan Norberg 
Dir: Jonathan Norberg (24)
DoP: Jonathan Norberg 
Script: Jonathan Norberg 
Music: Maya Filipic 
Cast: Helen Linander, Nils Granath 

A documentary about two homosexuals that talks about when they first came out and find the first true love.  

The Young and hopeless alien from outer space
På jakt efter halva kungariket
Love, Cars and Two Smoking Squirrels
Så som i Sundsvall
Höstens vaka
She Smiled Sweetly
Avskild Kärlek 


NUFF 2010 - UnvelcomeOvälkommen 

Sweden 2009 Fiction Drama 9 min 
Prod: Maja Hjelmberg 
Dir: Andreas Eidhagen (24)
DoP: Claes Helander 
Script: Andreas Eidhagen 
Music: Promise and the monster 
Cast: Leon Martinez, Ruben Lindström, Erik Flodmark

Oskar is 11 years old and the younger brother of Adam. When Adam and his friend Joel go to the videostore Oskar tags along. Joel starts harrassing Oskar from start. The situation get’s worse when the abuse get’s physicall and Adam is forced to chose between keeping his friendship or his brothers health.   

Unwelcome - 2009
Director’s background:
Andreas Eidhagen studied at Stockholm filmschool while working as a freelance offline editor. After his graduations he’s worked on severeal big TV and commercial productions in Sweden. While working with post-production he’s directed videos for artists such as Anna-Maria Espinosa, Audrey and Promise and the monster. In 2009 he directed his first short film “Unwelcome”.  

Supporting organization:
The Swedish film institute 
Johan Bogaeus 
registrator @ sfi.se 
Stockholm, Sweden 
Supports and finances swedish film. 


NUFF 2010 - KaupunkiKaupunki 
The City 

Finland 2009 Animation 6 
Prod: Erkki Perkiömäki 
Dir: Vappu Tuomisto (25)
DoP: Vappu Tuomisto 
Script: Vappu Tuomisto 
Music: Crew 

A poetic story about  city and the citizens. 

The City, 6 min, animation, 2009.
Pareja, 2 min, animation, 2007, Buenos Aires.
Feeling, 2 min, animation, 2007.
Director’s background:
Vappu Tuomisto was born in 1985 in Helsinki. After gratuating from Helsinki High School of Visual Arts, she studied art history, political sciences and film and television studies at University of Helsinki. In the spring of 2009 she finished her four-year film studies at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. During the exchange study period at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina she got into animation filmmaking. After graduating from film school she has studied physical theatre. She has taken part on projects mixing different art forms from puppet theatre to fashion design and performance, in Finland and abroad. Her short animation films have been screened on film festivals in Finland. 

Supporting organization:
Lahti University f Applied Sciences 
Erkki Perkiömäki 
erkki.erkiomaki @ lamk.fi 
Lahti, Finland 
A film School in Finlnd. 


NUFF 2010 - ParadisetParadiset 

Sweden 2009 Documentary 28 min 
Prod: Dramatiska Institutet 
Dir: Ahang Bashi (25)
DoP: Iga Mikler 
Script: Ahang Bashi 
Music: Juhana Lehtiniemi, Tired Tape Machine

88 year old Simin from Iran is now living in Sweden, in a service home for the elderly. Simin doesn't speak Swedish, and the nursing staff don't understand Persian. Despite a constant bombardment of tragicomical misunderstandings, Simin tries to retain a positive outlook on life. "Paradiset" is an intimate insight into an immigrants encounter withthe swedish elderly care, and tells with great sensibility and humour about our need to be understood. The film is Ahang Bashi's debut and won the New Doc award at Tempo Filmfestival 2010. 

2009, Paradiset, documentary
2009, Randy Evaluates Sweden, under production, documentary (co director Mattias Olsson)
2008, Kontrollen, shortfilm about ticketcontrollers, documentary
2008, While we're waiting, documentary about youths in Tehran.
2007, My name is Ahang, selfportrait, documentary 

Director’s background:
Ahang Bashi was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1984. Migrated with her family to Sweden at the age of 3. Studied Social anthropology at the university before discovering filmmaking.
Is currently studying for a bachelor of fine arts in documentary filmmaking at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm.

Supporting organization:
Dramatiska Institutet 
Peå Holmqvist 
info @ draminst.se  
Stockholm, Sweden 
The University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre was founded in 1970. DI is a national university college and offers University Diploma in Performing Arts and Media. The professional training aims at enabling the students to start a professional career directly after their graduation.


NUFF 2010 - Family PortraitPerhepotretti 
Family Portrait 

Finland 2010 Drama 3:38 min
Prod: Linda Haapanen 
Dir: Minna Korhonen (24)
DoP: Nalle Mielonen 
Script: Nalle Mielonen 
Music: Ville Hakonen 
Cast: Pertti Kovanen, Sirke Lääkkölä, Miina Penttinen, Aukusti Antila
Family dinner turns nasty when the food starts to react to the fathers excessive drinking. Family Portrait is a symbolic story of alcoholism and how it can ruin family relationships. 

Supporting organization:
AMK University of Applied Sciences / Art and Media 
Linda haapanen 
linda.haapanen @ cult.tamk.fi 
Tampere, Finland 
Tampere University of Applied Sciences  (Art and Media) is one of biggest Universities of Applied sciences in Finland 


International Youth Film Competition

NUFF 2010 - DriveDrive
Republic of Korea 2010 Drama 14:39 min
Prod: Kim Ji Yae 
Dir: Kim Hye In (24)
DoP: Kim Myung Seok 
Script: Kim Hye In 
Music: Kim Jae Hong 
Cast: Na Hye Ju, Lee Sae Lo Mi, Jang Lick Hwan

After finding out that she is pregnant, a woman is shunned and turned away from her abusive and violent husband who doesn't believe her because she is frigid and unresponsive to him. He expels her. In needing money for the abortion she goes on the road as a prostitute choosing fancy cars and men. When the lives of two women share a common social weakness it is where their story start.
Supporting organization:
Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts 
Department of Film Art 
goodmorning-hi @ hanmail.net 
Anseong, Republic of Korea
The Drive's production school 


NUFF 2010 - No PityNo Pity 

USA 2009 Documentary 18 min
Prod: Rolling Credit, LLC  
Dir: Drew Morton Goldsmith (14)
DoP: Drew Morton Goldsmith 
Script: Drew Morton Goldsmith 
Music: Drew Morton Goldsmith 

A poignant exposé of pity-based fundraising, as revealed through a disabled teenager’s heartfelt appeal for respect and dignity.   

Winner, Chicago International Children's Film Festival
Winner, Santa Cruz Film Festival
Winner, Beloit International Film Festival
Winner, Kids First! Film Festival
Winner, Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival
Winner, Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival
Winner, Wild Rose Independent Film Festival
Winner, Breaking Down Barriers Disability Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
Winner, Tupelo Film Festival
Finalist, My Hero Short Film Festival
Official Selection, Atlanta Film Festival, Asheville Film Festival, Red Rock Film Festival, West Chester Film Festival, Heart of Gold Film Festival (Australia), Da Vinci Film Festival, Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival, Rockport Film Festival, The Other Venice Film Festival
Director’s background:
Drew Morton Goldsmith fell in love with film before he even began to crawl. At age 10, after a decade-long love affair with visual media, he began creating his own films. At age 11, he won the YouTube “Sky’s the Limit” contest. At age 12, Drew’s first film, TREASURE DIVERSITY, screened at over 20 national and international film festivals and took home top honours at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Children’s Jury Prize), Wild Rose Independent Film Festival (Best Debut Film), Santa Cruz Film Festival (Audience Choice: Youth Works), Beloit International Film Festival (Best International Student Film), Tupelo Film Festival (Best Young Filmmaker), Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival (Special Award of the Jury), and  Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival (Best Young Filmmaker). Drew is currently 13 and eager to pursue a career making films. As an individual with significant disabilities, he is passionate about harnessing the power of film to open people’s minds.  

Supporting organization:
Rolling Credit, LLC 
Drew Morton Goldsmith  
Drew.Goldsmith @ charter.net 
Middleton, WI, United States 
The film NO PITY is a not-for-profit production of Drew Morton Goldsmith's newly established film company, Rolling Credit, LLC.  An 18-minute compilation documentary, NO PITY was selected by the Stanford University Documentary Filmmakers Program, who, in conjunction with the law firm of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati, deemed NO PITY to be in compliance with the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practice in Fair Use. 


NUFF 2010 - Jackal ClandestinTêtu Clandestin 
Jackal Clandestin 

Senegal 2010 Animation 10 min 
Dir: Elhadj Bamba Sene (19)
DoP: Momar Diol 
Script: Diop Danfa 
Music: RIAC
Bobalu is a young jackal living in Senegal. Inspired by his friend he decides to leave for Europe. An adventures journey begins.

Saly: actor
une vie gaché: actor, editor
Dembe et Colé: editor
la pauvre aicha: editor
Sounay: editor and actor
Têtu Clandestin: director and editor
Director’s background:
After 3 months of training in scriptwriting and production, I continued my training in the workshop organized by the Center RIAC with trainers Europe and Senegalese director.  

Supporting organization:
Riacsene @ hotmail.fr 
Riacfilms @ hotmail.fr 
Dakar, Senegal 
RIAC FILMS is a cultural center that trains young people on careers film it also produces fiction films, animation, documentary .... 


NUFF 2010 - Another ChapterAnother chapter 

Nigeria 2009 Docu-drama 5:56 min
Prod: Group 5 
Dir: Habeeb Mu'azu 
DoP: Emmanuel Bello 
Screenplay: Habeeb Mu'azu/Rakiya Usman 
Music: Nazifi Sha'aibu 
Cast: Oni gbenga Austine, Stephen Linda, Amos James Jen

Gambo blames his misfortune on his joblessness. But for it, he would not have to go through the ordeal of witnessing how Maman Joshua gets battered by Baban Joshua while Joshua watches helplessly. Gambo’s short-lived respite only comes when he roams the city’s streets, flipping through the chapters of life. 

Script Writer/Director ANOTHER CHAPTER 2009
Producer FAR FROM UTOPIA 2009,
Producer/Cameraman DEVINE INTERVENTION, a documentary film on water scarcity in Jos, Nigeria. 

Director’s background:
A Diploma student NTA TV College Jos. Participant ANIWA film festival Ghana 2009. Nominee IONN International film festival Port Harcourt 2009 


NUFF 2010 - BarackBarack 

Hungary 2009 Fiction 1:10 min
Prod: Kálmán Czibolya 
Dir: Marcell Antolik 
DoP: Marcell Antolik 
Screenplay: Marcell Antolik 
Cast: Ádám Vass 

We meet in my dreams… 

Director's background:
This is the first film of the 14 year creators. 

Supporting organization:
The Video and Art Workshop of Makó - Hungary 
Kálmán Czibolya, studio leader 
Mvmmhungary @ gmail.com 
Makó, Hungary 
The Video and Art Workshop of Makó /Hungary/ was founded in 1994. Since then it has given opportunity to many young people interested in arts, especially in film and video, to show not only the theory but the practice of making films. Our main goal is to develop the visual culture of the youth, to take care of the pieces of art they make, creating an opportunity for them to be able to take part in festivals at home and abroad as well. 


NUFF 2010 - My CousinEbnat Amee 
My Cousin 

Palestinian Territory, Occupied 2009 fiction 5 min
Prod: Alia Arsuogly 
Dir: Laialy kilani (21)
DoP: laialy kilani 
Script: laialy kilani 
Music: Dalida  (helwa ya baladi) 
Cast: Nagham Kilani, Razan, Imad Saber, Fayhaa Saber 

The film tells of Laialy, a Palestinian girl, and Tania, her American cousin who visits Palestine for the first time. Whereas Tania is able to visit Jerusalem because of her passport, Laialy, who has spent her whole life in Palestine, is forbidden to enter the city. Her wish has become only a dream, but Tania won’t let her cousin just dream.

If you say yes or if you say no
My cousin
Sweet Caroub

Director’s background:
Laialy studies in Al-Najah National University, in the Faculty of Technology and Information. She works in Television. She directed “If u say yes or if u say no,” part of the “Confession” film collection in a training\production program at Shashat, and she worked in film  “Crossword” in "NUFF" Film Festival in Norway. This is her third film.  

Supporting organization:
Alia Arsoughly  
Alia @ shashat.org 
Ramallah, Palestine 
SASHAT is a formally registered cultural NGO in Palestine whose focus is on women’s cinema and the social and cultural implications of women’s representations. It aims at building the capacity of Palestinian women filmmakers and the Palestinian filmmaking sector in general, which has suffered fragmentation due to internal and external conditions. Shashat, which means "screens" in Arabic, was formed in order to provide sustainability and continuity to this objective. 


NUFF 2010 - Under SiegeUnder Siege 

Kenya 2009 Documentary 6:06 
Pod: Julius Mwelu 
Dir: Julius Mwelu 
Screenplay: Elijah Mumo 

The film by the Mwelu Foundation reviews the Kenyan post election violence that left its citizens in total frustration. This is the plight of a young man, Eric Kioko, who faced the wrath of his fellow countrymen.

Ghetto Girl
Ghetto Surviver
Under Siege    

Director’s background:
I was born in one of the Africa biggest slum that's Mathare slum a home to more than a million family most of the people living there being woman's and children. i started taking photo of the daily life in Mathare since i was 11 years old and in the year 2003 i set up The Mwelu Foundation as  with only 4 kids and up to now we have around 50 youths both boys and girls, I like being in Mathare slum and working here because even when i will die i would ask if they are any slum in heaven so that i can go there. 

Supporting organization:
Mwelu Foundation 
Julius Mwelu  
Info @ mwelu.org 
Nairobi, Kenya 
The Mwelu Foundation is youth Photographer and Film making Project in one of the Africa biggest slum that empower youths from all part of Mathare slum by training them in Photographer and Film making so that the can film what they go throw into day to day life in Mathare slum.  


NUFF 2010 - Lost ChanceLost Chance

Kenya 2010 Documentary 7 min
Prod: Vinnick Kemuma 
Dir: Pauline Awuor Mango 
DoP: Vinicent Omuga 
Screenplay: Elijah Mumo 
Music: Batata 

A day in a life of Isaac, a kid who lives in Mathare slum in Nairobi and does not get his basic needs.

Toilet management (drama),
Women eradicating poverty in Mathare slums (documentary),
Mathare river (documentary)
Lost chance (documentary) 

Director’s background:
Participated in making documentary and also directing a drama called toilet management in Mathare 

Supporting organization:
Info @ slum-tv.org 
Nairobi, Kenya 
It's a none profit organization based in Mathare slums. It works on documentaries in Mathare slums and it also train it's members how to use video. 


NUFF 2010 - Mein SaschaMein Sascha
My Sascha 

Germany 2010 Fiction 14 min
Prod: Markus Kaatsch 
Dir: Markus Kaatsch 
DoP: Heiko Merten 
Screenplay: Markus Kaatsch 
Music: Matthias Kaatsch 
Cast: Patrick Schorn, Dzamilja Sjöström, Albrecht Delling

He has a girl now, he says. A girlfriend. He told me. She has soft silky hair and sometimes when she's sleeping he caresses her for hours, he says. And when she awakes the most beautiful eyes of this city are looking at him. Then he forgets that winter is coming.
Info CD 
Info CD 

Supporting organization:
Aug & Ohr Medien 
Markus Kaatsch 
markus.kaatsch @ zirrussommer.de 
Berlin, Germany 
Berlin network for youth filmmakers and musicians. 


NUFF 2010 - FinalFinal 

Spain 2008 fiction 13 min

Two parents by the bed of their son in comma, discuss about what is best for him, aware of a situation that the spectator does not know, in a
room where the things are not what they seem. 

Director’s background:
HUGO MARTÍN CUERVO (Gijón, Spain, 1987) He grew between sets and lights and seated on camera-boxes knew he wanted to devote to it that looked so normal. In 2005 was only 17 he directed his first short film, no budget and in digital format. In 2006 entry to drama school in the field of drama, while at the school of interpretation Juan Carlos Corazza. That same year he wrote Ending, which would become his first short
film, shot in late 2007 and nominated for the Goya for best short film in 2009. 


NUFF 2010 - FeelingsFeelings 

Switzerland 2009 Animation music-video 3 min
Dir: Augustin Rebetez 
DoP: Augustin Rebetez, Matthieu Cherubini 
Screenplay: Noé Cauderay, Augustin Rebetez 
Music: Televator 

A music clip for the Swiss stoner-rock trio Televator.

Director’s background:
First prize at Jugendfilmtage Zürich (CH) with feelings in 2010 (cat. under 25) 


NUFF 2010 - Ticket From AzraelTicket From Azrael 

Egypt 2010 documentary 30 min
Prod: Abdallah Al Ghoul 
Dir: Abdallah Al Ghoul 
DoP: Abdallah Al Ghoul 
Script: Abdallah Al Ghoul 

The film is following a group of young men in Rafah, Gaza digging one of the tunnels from Gaza to Egypt. A detailed documentation of how an entire nations tries desperately to survive.

Director’s background:
What kind of background do you expect when you grow up in Gaza? 


NUFF 2010 - ChefChef 

Islamic Republic of Iran 2010 Animation 5 min
Prod: Salman Khorshidi / Amir Mohamadzade 
Dir: Salman Khorshidi / Amir Mohamadzade 
DoP: Salman Khorshidi / Amir Mohamadzade 
Script: Salman Khorshidi / Amir Mohamadzade 
Music: Abbas Latifi 

The movie pictures an unconventional method of expressing love to a sweeper used by the chef of a hospital kitchen who is also fighting the strict rules of the hospital. 

Enjoy –
Rostam & Borzoo –
Heavenly Fruit –
Wooden Bridge –


NUFF 2010 - Who Am IWho Am I?

Palestinian Territory, Occupied 2009 music video 4 min
Dir: Noor Afana & Eman Hassona
Music: Peace Team

This music-video is the result of a HipHop competition in Gaza in November 2009 and was made in co-operation with Film House TVIBIT during a SKYPE film workshop. Recently the Hamas government in Gaza has banned HipHop as a youth cultural expression.






Up-coming Argentina

Films made by students of Universidad del Cine

NUFF 2010 - AusenteAusente

Fiction | 10 min | 2009
Director: Jorge Fried Budnik
Director assistant: Roberto Espada
Script: Jorge Fried Budnik
Cinematography: Sebastian Fernández
Edition: Raúl Grande
Sound: Juan Sepúlveda
Producer: Macarena Iglesias
Cast: María A. Villar, Fransisco Oriol

Between frames and windows “AWAY” shows the worn out routine of a young couple living on a small apartment of Buenos Aires City.

Jorge Fried Budnik nació en Santiago de Chile en 1984, mientras estudiaba Arquitectura en la ciudad de Valdivia realizo su primer cortometraje. En el 2004 decidió ir a estudiar cine a la ciudad de Nueva York para luego finalizar en Argentina donde actualmente esta terminando sus estudios en la Universidad de Cine de Buenos Aires.
Jorge Fried Budnik was born in Santiago, Chile in 1984. While studying Architecture in the city of Valdivia he made his first short film. In 2004 he decided to go study film to New York City continuing his studies in Argentina where he is now completing his Undergraduate in the Universidad de Cine de Buenos Aires (University of Film of Buenos Aires).

2009 Director / Short Film “AUSENTE” - 35mm color
2006 Director / Short Film “SHABAT SHALOM” - Video
2006 Director / Short Film “LA FIESTA DEL 35” – Super 16mm color
2005 Director / Short Film “UNPACKED” – Super 16mm color
2004 Director / Short Film “VOLARE” – 16mm b&n


NUFF 2010 - Noche AdentroNoche Adentro
Night Insight

Fiction | Color | 18 min | 2009
Director: Pablo Lamar
Director assistant: Mauricio Rial Banti
Script: Pablo Lamar
Cinematography: Paolo Girón
Edition: Felipe Gálvez Haberle
Sound: Nicolás Torchinsky
Music: Teodoro Vidal Díaz, Bonifacio Román
Producer: Gabriela Cueto
Art director: Mauricio Rial Banti
Cast: Ruth Mariela Ferreira Delgado, Arturo Derlys Arellano González

The newlyweds have already left the party where the guests are still dancing.
The bride has bled to death and the groom carries the body. He drags her down the stairs and along a long corridor until they fall down.
At the shore the groom gives her away to the river, floating in a boat.

Born in Asunción, Paraguay in 1984.
He currently studies at the Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires.
In 2008, Ahendu nde sapukai, his first shortfilm, participated in the parallel section of Cannes Film Festival, la Semaine de la Critique.

Semaine de la Critique - Cannes Film Festival 2009


NUFF 2010 - Silencio en la salaSilencio en la sala
Be Quite, Please

Fiction | 14 min | 2009
Director: Felipe Gálvez Haberle
Director assistant:
Script: Felipe Gálvez Haberle
Cinematography: Paolo Girón
Edition: Felipe Gálvez Haberle
Sound: Daniel Michel
Producer: Iván Granovsky
Art director: Ana Perera
Cast: Iván Zanetich

Ivan delays his arrival to school. After not being able to enter the classroom, he must await for the bell to ring.


Felipe Gálvez Haberle, was born in Santiago Chile in 1983. He currently studies filmmaking at the Universidad del cine. He works as an editor
“Be quiet, please” is his first creation as a director.


NUFF 2010 - Dos RosasDos Rosas
Two Roses

Argentina 2010 fiction 7:50 min
Scriptwriter and Director: Leonardo A. Macedo
Assistant Director: Matias Garziglia
2º Assistant Director: Camilo Gutierrez
3º Assistant Director: Federico Fabrizio
Editor: Marco Grossi
Camera: Juan Novelli and Leonardo A. Macedo
Focus: Jonathan Fittipaldi
Chasis: Alfonso Ruiz Palacios
2º Camera Assistant: Carolina Rolandi
Executive Producer: Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica (C.I.C.) and Leonardo A. Macedo
General Producer: Julieta Naldi
Assistant Producer: Camilo Gutierrez
Location Manager: Mateo Ingouville
Director of Photography: Manuel Fernández Arroyo
Photography Assistant: Hernán Molinari, Alfonso Ruiz Palacios and Lisandro Pardoa
Gaffer: Carolina Rolandi
Art and Costume Director: Javier Ponzio
Art and Costume Director Assistant: Fabiola Pazmiño, Natali Terjman and Rodolfo Moro
Make-up and Hairdressing: Natali Terjman and Fabiola Pazmiño
Sound Band: elescoses
Direct Sound: Gastón Rojas
Sound Master: Ramiro Vega
Digital Post-Production: Widescreenstudio
Online y Colour: HAiKU
Fix Photo: María Cecilia Macedo, Sebastián Carrasco and Jaime Urjel Videla
Making Of Camera: Gastón Rojas

December 13th, 1828. Navarro. United Provinces. While a National Army General decide and produce the first coup and political executions of Argentina's history. Another top military commander, tries to change the course of events ...



Creative idea development on documentaries

Seminar with the German film director and producer Tom Schreiber

Focusing on the creative process of idea generation through story development Tom Schreiber will discuss methods of developing documentary films using the example of his film Portraits of German Alcoholics.

The seminar is a co-operation between NUFF, the Tromsø International Film Festival – TIFF  and Innovasjon Norge.

NUFF 2010 - Portraits deutscher AlkoholikerPortraits deutscher Alkoholiker
Portraits of German Alcoholics

Germany, 2009, 78 min
Director: Carolin Schmitz
Production: Tom Schreiber

The people at the centre of this film are lawyers, civil servants, housewives, managing directors and mothers. They are also alcoholics. In her documentary, Carolin Schmitz explores the protagonists’ stories and their strategies for survival: the little tricks they employ in order to try and get through their daily lives – lives which become increasingly difficult to manage the stronger the addiction becomes. Their fear of losing control and being exposed as a drinker create their need to conform, but the protagonists can only cope with this pressure by increasing their alcohol intake.
PORTRAITS DEUTSCHER ALKOHOLIKER portrays a battle that cannot be won. The protagonists’ stories oppose, cross and merge with images of an ostensibly model, intact society: housing estates, people at work in factories and offices, in apartments and on the street. The stories of these alcoholics go beyond personal biography and point towards a more general societal problem. This film reveals another reality that lies beneath the supposedly normal veneer, a reality that is suffused by unfulfilled needs.

Sponsored by
NUFF 2010 - Goetheinstitut



NUFF c/o TVIBIT - Fredrik Langesgt. 29 - 9008 Tromsø - Norway