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Voices from NUFF

Participant evalutions

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Voices from NUFF 2010

NUFF 2010 Evaluation

On the last day of the festival we asked the participants, workshop leaders and guests 9 questions to get a pictures about their personal impressions of the festival. We want to learn what we might have to change to become a better festival.
The questions:

  1. What is your main impression of the festival?
  2. What is your main impression of the workshops?
  3. What do you think about the technical assistance for the workshop?
  4. What did you like best about the festival?
  5. What could have been done better?
  6. What do you think about the food?
  7. What do you think about the service?
  8. What do you think about the additional program (the concert, seminar, barbeque etc.)?
  9. Other comments?


Akhona Marasha (South Africa)
Group 1 (Tom Schreiber)

  1. The screenings helped to learn more. Communication among the group and the leader was good. The hiking on the mountain to see the snow for the 1st time
  2. Working with people, different places, sharing the ideas, trying to do the best film. I learn more things, more about the film, how to work with a group
  3. It was good, because whenever you ask for it you get it. If you ask you get the answers. They’ve done a good job
  4. To work with people that could help person to grow in filming. The screenings
  5. None. They know thing people need. Things were done in a right way
  6. Fantastic
  7. Good, because was organized, including the management which is important
  8. The program was good and the seminar because we learn more from it and learning the purpose of the films
  9. Everything was good, I’m looking forward to come again

Zhanna Gugunova (20/Russia)
Group 4 (Marianne Ulrichsen)

  • The first day in Tromsø! The first day of Workshops!
  • The first day we were just talking and trying to find the idea. And the process of filming, we were very tired
  • It was good. But some guys had professional cameras, so some films were much better
  • Freedom. You can really do what you want
  • I don’t know
  • Good! But I need something sweet, not only one meal
  • It was good
  • Cool, but wanted more
  • I’m happy to be there. Thank you!


Yury Grubnik
Group1 Tom Schreiber

  • I like this festival! Now i know more about filmmaking, i get good experience
  • Work with a super workshop leader
  • Our group is getting all the technical supportand don’t have any problems
  • Workshop films, program, communication with other participants
  • I think that all was good may be technical support in film program
  • More meat
  • Service is good
  • Good
  • I like the exhibition of Augustin!

Vitaly Tyupakov
Group 5 Magne Pettersen                 

  • Screenings, working with workshop leader
  • very good actors!!!
  • it was a professional assistance which helped us a lot
  • nuff films and cable car
  • organize workshop groups by professional skills
  • all good
  • all good
  • -

Tarjei Tandstad
Group 4 Marianne Ulrichsen

  • I think this is a fantastic event, and I enjoyed my stay here in Tromsø. I’m  very impressed with how cheap it was to attend the workshop, above all in comparison to what one can get out of it.
  • The workshops were brilliant, and I have learnt a TON. I’m very pleased with pedagogic style of our workshop leader and I feel like everything was very well laid out for us to learn, while the workshop leader took care of the worst difficulties
  • I think the technical assistance did a great job!
  • The workshops!
  • I think you could’ve hired more mature “speakers” at the cinema, who could have asked the filmmakers more than just one liner question. The sketch  at the show was a bit amateur- like and awkward. And the Viking hotel was a bit customer-unfriendly
  • I dealt ok with all the fish and I think it’s good that you challenged our ordinary tastes a bit
  • Top notch
  • I hope to return next time! There should be more of these workshops!

Synne Eilertsen
Volunteer coordinator

  • I really liiked the festival. It was nice getting to know all the people here and I just can’t wait for the next year
  • Was really good to see how great the people worked together and how well-functioned the groups were
  • The social staff, just hanging with the people and having fun
  • I think that there should have been at least one more activity
  • The food was good, but may be next year there should be less fish
  • We need a concert and a barbeque next year
  • I want to go to South Africa!!!

Sondre Sand bakken
Group 2  Ole Giæver

  • It’s a very fun and interesting festival that has already helped me towards my dream of entering the professional filmmaking business.
  • It was an enjoyable experience to work so close wi9th young filmmakers from all over the world.  As well as working with professional director, which was interesting.
  • We weren’t really happy with the equipment we received, we only used the tripod, which was a bad one. But other than that the technical crew was very helpful  and dedicated to getting us what we needed.
  • I think like the people who were participating I met a lot of nice people who shared my interests. And of course the cultural diversity was cool.
  • For next year  I would love a Mac with Adobe After Effect
  • The food was great. I realy like fish
  • The drivers were nice people and they were very helpful
  • Concert?
  • -

Siri Andersen
Group 2 Ole Giæver

  • I think it’s been an amazing experience to attend NUFF 2010! It’s so much fun to meet all these different people from different parts of the world and work together to reach a goal.
  • At least for the workshop group I attended I can say that it was brilliant. We worked together and met problems with optimism and instant solutions.
  • I think everyone did the best they could to get us all the technical equipment we needed. I guess that’s all we can ask and they were more than helpful.
  • All the optimism among the participants and being open to other people and being able to get to know all these great, amazing people while we make a film!
  • I don’t think anything could have been done better!
  • So long and thanks for all the FISH! Too much fish, get some more variety!
  • The drivers were AMAZING, props to them for constant optimism! Other than that, I honestly didn’t notice anything specific, but I’ll take that as a  good thing;)
  • LOL I attended nothing of the additional program! No idea there was a concert, didn’t reach the seminar and WTF, BBQ where?
  • LOVE IT!!! I wanna go again! And again and again! And again and again and agaaaaaaaaain!

Sebastian Hoglinger

  • a lot of young talented people coming together to work on their personal(main)  interests. Everybody seemed enjoy this situation, so NUFF did an amazing job in creating this atmosphere. That doesn’t work on every festival, so that was great to see!
  • As I haven’t been in the workshops I can only comment on the results, which were stunning. To create such professional movies in such short time isn’t easy. Applause to the young filmmakers and the assistance of the workshop leaders
  • For me the film screenings are the the main interest, so amazing cinema, professional projection
  • It wasn’t easy to attend the exhibition. Sometimes I’d like to have heard more questions and answers after the screenings
  • Food was excellent A+
  • You all did a great job special thanks to Natasha and the drivers
  • Great exhibition and thanks for luxury – shrimp party. Concert would hve been great!
  • Thanks for having us here. Go on like that!

Philip Endre Bentzen
Group4 Marianne Ulrichsen

  • I think this festival has been very interesting.  This was my first time at NUFF And I have to say that I really fell in love with this filmmaking festival. After being here I really want to participate at other festivals as SUFF etc
  • Have been very learning full. A lot of different languages, cultures and people. The workshop has been wonderful I learned a lot about filmmaking and work materials.
  • Well , my group (4) had a few technical problems. This was mainly sound problems. WQe still struggle to export the film with the right sound. The technical support has worked fine.
  • Everything. The film making, the people, the 7 days with fun experience. The best part would be the one when the group together learned from each other.
  • I don’t really know. At the moment I feel that I can’t complain about anything
  • Fish almost every day. I think it’s good that the festival supplies the participants with healthy food!;)
  • People have been nice and the servise has been great.
  • As I have mentioned, I really enjoyed NUFF! It’s sad that it’s over already. I also like that NUFF have this facebook page where everyone can get everyday information.

Peter Schernhuber

  • Marvellous and great festival, amazing people, nice people, great location
  • Festival – cinema, exhibition, garage party at Marte’s
  • Regular opening hours at the exhibition
  • I like! Fish fish fish!!!
  • WWarming service, warm welcome. NUFF gives the feeling of being liked
  • I really like the exhibition!
  • Maybe there could be one more day offering more of the great and interesting movies

Patric Schatzmann

  • Good setting with the festival.  A lot of contacts, nice people(youth, filmmakers)
  • Good films
  • The possibility to get in contact with people
  • A list of films for the jury. Elect once film journalist
  • Good, enough
  • Very good
  • You ment the football games?:)
  • The whole time here was inspiring for me. Lots of new ideas

Oyisa Cheif Sono
Group 3 Per-Ivar Jensen

  • It’s a great festival because we get exposure and gain experience
  • It’s great because we get to interact with people from all walks of life and we incorporate ideas and experience. We also have great leaders
  • It’s been awesome, but there’s room for improvement
  • The screening of all the movies, esp. our movie.
  • Communication, accommodation
  • The food was ok, but next time please have wider variety
  • It was fantastic
  • It was fun and I enjoyed myself
  • Special thanks to you guys for everything and to Natasha may you grow from strength to strength. Hope to see you in SA in 5 month time

Olena Maksymenko
Group 3 Per-Ivar Jensen

  • It was a huge professional experience which will be usefull in filmmaking. I’ve got a lot of inspiration being here and shooting our short films guided by Norwegian professionals with their “special”  Morwegian vision on creation of films. Tromsø, all people here, unusual northern nature – it was unforgettable film festival!
  • The most important – it’s a new experience doing the films with limits of 6 days. It was really interesting to see how much people can do in such short period.
  • It would be fine to have more lights for shooting
  • I can’t separate the fanyastic Tromø, the workshops and screenings. All this together doing our festival wonderful and not similar to other festivals
  • Only duration of the festival. It can be longer
  • The quality and taste of food was fine.  Very Norwegian. It’s always good to try traditional food
  • Fine
  • +
  • Thank you for the great creative time at NUFF

Nalle Mielonen
Group 3 Per-Ivar Jensen

  • The festival is a lot of fun.That’s the first thing that comes into my mind when thinking of NUFF.
  • For me the workshops were about having a good time with new people rather than making a professional short film.
  • The technical  assistance was there when it was needed. Everything seemed to work just fine.
  • The best thing about NUFF is definitely getting to know other young filmmakers all over the world and getting connected with them.
  • The vegetarian food was great but because there was just one portion for every vegetarian, some days there was just not enough food (at least for me, but maybe I’m a big eater)
  • Service was excellent
  • There was enough but not too much additional program
  • NUFF is one of the most well organized festivals I’ve ever attended.

Melisssa Davids
Group5 Magne Pettersen

  • My first time at NUFF was really a remambable experience due to all that i have seen it was really amazing to see young filmmakers from all over the world and also how the rest of Tromsø is behind this festival
  • I think the workshop was nicely coordinated and arranged. They were well- equipped to support the groups
  • Technical support was really good and also on time when smth was needed
  • The group work, the time and also the people
  • Food
  • Gosh, sometimes with meat would have been nice a varity would have been excellent. But we survived, so it’s cool.
  • It was really good, thank you.
  • This was a really good experience and to do………………

Martine Bjonness
Group 3 Per-Ivar Jensen

  • I really liked it. It’s so relaxed and free. I liked the concept and now I don’t want to go home.
  • Good. It was nice to work together with people you don’t know and from other coultures. I learned a lot!
  • I think it was good. We had numbers we could call if we needed assistance. But I would have loved if we had a better camera
  • The whole concept. All those young ppl from all over the world sharing the same passion for films. And it’s been nice that we have had TVIBIT as meeting lace.I liked that we had so much freedom to plan our days ourselves.
  • The camera we used for the workshop
  • There was a LOT of fish. But it tasted good. I would prefer more potatoes
  • Good. Nice helpful people
  • What?
  • See you next year. HOPEFULLY

Martin Bremnes
Group 5 Magne Pettersen

  • The people. A lot of nice people. Who is very skilled with films
  • How good the films became during the week. And the people here
  • Very good
  • The people of courseJ and the ability to make such good films with the people I didn’t know from before. And the professional actors!
  • Not telling the groups using their own cameras. The films visually became so different as some had better equipment than the others
  • Good. a lot of fish
  • Good
  • Didn’t attend any
  • No. thanks for a great experience!

Marianne Braastad
Group 2 Ole Giæver

  • That is has been a really good week, I had a good time and learned a lot. It was interesting to meet and work with people from all over th world. My group had a really good time, we worked hard and in the end everyone loved the result. It has been a really interesting to see films from other countries, because that is something that is so easy todo – you have always internet but it’s not the same.
  • It was really nice, I learned a lot. my group really connected and worked together. Ole helped us  and always was there for us if we needed it. But still he let us do our thing. The best was the work spirit in the group  and that we learned a lot from the tescher
  • We got all the help we needed. We just awed a lot of our things but if we needed something there were always some that could help us.
  • The people and the workshop spirit on my group. We had a blast together and that made this a really good weekJ
  • If I should say something I will say a little more information before we got there an dmay be some more program in the evening. Liked the quiz;)
  • The food was good, but may be a little too much fish.
  • Good. Everyone was so helpful and that has been aid made it a very good experience.
  • I haven’t been to that much. I went to the gallery and that was interesting. But the concert was cancelled. The doc seminar was really interesting. But may be there should have been something more?
  • Thanks for a wonderful week!:)


Maja Lind Mathiasen
Group 4 Marianne

  • I liked it it had lots of good and interesting films
  • It was fun! I learned a lot and I got to meet many different people
  • Some small problems, but it helped
  • I got to work a lot with making films
  • Small problems when it came to vegetarian food, but everything was tasty
  • Good
  • ..?
  • -

Mads Adrian Hansen
Group 3 Per-Ivar Jensen

  • My main  impression is that this is the best festival in the festival town! The team around, the people attending and the volunteers. It’s the best!
  • The wsh model is great, but it showa one more time that it doesn’t work on practice. I think that workshop leaders  should be there to guide and advice, not to argue
  • The tech team is great, but the last couple of days they should be available between 22 and 9 o’clock too.
  • Working with professional actors and really great filmmakers from all the world
  • The list with actors made by Christian should be made earlier
  • The food was great. But it’s cold like 10 min after serving. That could be improved. The routines on the vegetarian food must be better!
  • It’s good! Everybody’s nice and acting professionally
  • The content  is good, but should be scheduled earlier in the week. We missed the teachers’ film , bec we were still on the set.
  • Not atm. You’ll get an e-mail if there’s anything

Laura Ettel

  • Euphoria! Motivation! Ambition!
  • inspiring people and cold weather
  • familiar and warm atmosphere
  • good ! shrimps!
  • very nice!
  • Exhibition was great!
  • -

Laialy kilani
Grioup 2 Ole Gjæver

  • The festival was well-organized
  • Awesome: we are just teenagers and we can   depend on ourselves and do movies without any pressure.
  • We needed it at the end, but it was  good
  • The family feeling
  • Every year we have an improvement, so I don’t think we need to talk
  • Fish L
  • It was very good
  • Thank TVIBIT so much!

KIrill Odintsov
Group 2 Ole Giæver

  • Films in program
  • My group. They are very good guys.
  • Tom and his films, my workshop group
  • Nothing
  • I don’t eat fish, I like meat
  • Good
  • Hermann, thank you!

Karl Håkon Hegna
Group 1 Tom Schreiber

  • It’s fun and you get to know new people
  • They were also very funny
  • No complains
  • The trip with the cable car
  • Viking hotel wasn’t very good
  • It was ok, I’m a bit tired of fish
  • It was good
  • These were great
  • no

Kady Diedhou
Group4 Marianne Ulrichsen

  • really good!
  • interesting, but 1-2 days more
  • a preparation to use the material before
  • workshop+Augustin
  • more formation(history of cinema, like lessons, technical and theory about cinema)
  • not salt , but good!
  • Super! Nice! Top!
  • Ok, cool!

Julius Telmer
Group 4 Marianne Ulrichsen

  • It’s been  a pleasant experience.  Meeting lots of nice people has given me new friends and contacts. I’ve been inspired to watch other people’s films. The staff at NUFF has been very good! Always sweet, helpful and coming for us. Though I think the workshop concept needs some adjustments to make proper benefits for all participants.
  • I’ve talked to Augustine about this and I agree that the age difference has been a big problem along with the ambition level that I felt I did too much work alone and many not participating = frustration!
  • Overall good. But had problems getting a broken zeppelin with the ….. and getting a harddisk recorder and clapboard instead of the minicam to record on… Bit of a mess..
  • I think if perhaps group were put together on peoples abilities. Else I was one with camera experience and final cut… other groups had sound people, producer, and photographer. I had to instruct all functions.
  • Good. I was surprised of how much fish, but it was alwas good and with attention to everyone’s wishes
  • Food service? Maybe leave some hot water, water boiler, tea, sugar after the staff has left in the evening.
  • I know why you put groups together the way you did, but there were subst. problems at least in our group!

Jean Louis
Group 3 Per-Ivar Jensen

  • The festival is wonderful. It’s the place to be, to meet new friends and learn a lot more about film making.
  • It was really fun I nearly did love it because it was all about team work.
  • The technical assistance was always there when we needed them, they helped us a lot!
  • The screening
  • The food
  • Too much fish
  • It was wonderful
  • I don’t know yet, but it would be good to have extra.
  • -

Jacob Danell
Group2 Ole Giæver

  • I didn’t know anything about NUFF before I came here, but when I arrived here I found it really great! Fun with the workshops and meeting people from all over the world.
  • Fun with the workshops and meeting people from all over the world. Fun to screen your movie too.  A well-made film festival
  • I asked a lot about different things and everyone helped me as much as they could
  • The people from all over the globe. All the fun we had making the movie and al the trips together
  • Maybe more posters around Tromsø so more people would come to the screenings
  • It was ok, may be not enough sometimes
  • Good
  • It was really good, you started to knoe others and not only the ones in your group
  • AWESOME FESTIVAL I want to come here again


Ivar W Johansen
Group1 Tom Schreiber

  • Great people. Great staff. Good films. Fantastic to meet people from all over the world.
  • It’s nice to make a movie in only six days. Great workshop leader.
  • It was good, very helpful. The equipment was ok.
  • Working with professional actors with help from Tom.
  • How you arranged the groups. I was not happy with my group.
  • Too much fish. Some days I didn’t eat because I don’t like all kinds of fishfood.
  • Good, but they said “if anything, just ask” and often when I did it was like “no,no” but whaehrehrerer   the servise was good
  • Eh…nice
  • -

Henry Cole Davids
Group 4 Marianne

  • Was excellent, great exposure for many aspiring studying and established actors, producers and directors. Some of the films were may be  not well- received by all as it wasn’t understood by all
  • Wsh was the best ever. Group work was “wow”. I learned so much through the workshop. Great leaders, great structure and professionalism
  • Not very good as in many cases the advice was not accurate. Equipment not really explained in terms of finer detail. I wasn’t impressed by it at all
  • Meeting people from different countries, seeing movies from all the different perpectives. The good spirit amongst all
  • Something else except fish food. May be a day or to dedicated to see Tromsø as it’s such a beautiful city. Communication from NUGG staff could be improved
  • Was very good. I ate a lot of new things. May be just a little bigger variety in the food
  • The room service at Viking was bad, the rooms are too small and not really comfortable for 4guys
  • There was not a lot of additional program  I was hoping there would be more. More sightseeing, more seeing history of Norway
  • An extra few days to the festival could ….loved the city of Tromsø May be an investement to give every participant a cd with all the material of the week on it
  • Better weekend program when we arrived and when we left to keep us busy except just the screening

Haakon Reither

  • Awesome and sexy
  • i was driving all the time, so driver
  • fine, I guess
  • playing with the wheelchair
  • the screening of the movies
  • too much fish
  • I didn’t get any service
  • Fuckin’ awesome
  • Not really…Oh, yeah! Wait…dam it, anyways.

Eva Maria Lund Nielsen
Group 5 Magne Pettersen

  • It was a very exciting experiment to be a part of the NUFF 2010. NUFF is full with creativity, nice people, different cultures. We ate a lot of fish though. I’ve got a lot of new friends all over the world. I think, it’s important for for the movie-enviroment to get contacts.
  • It was amazing to be able to make a movie with people from other countries.
  • Iwas good
  • The fact that we met a lot of new people.  And the making of the workshopfilms
  • Less fish
  • Too much fish
  • GOOD
  • There could have been more parties

Erlendur Sveinsson
Group2 Ole Giæver

  • Where to start… I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of the festival. I loved the people, the atmosphere and the vibe. It’s a perfect place to take your first steps towards becoming a professional filmmaker. I got to know a lot of people from all over the wordl and I got to know Tromsø, which is just a wonderful city. I hope I get a chance to come here again.
  • The workshops were brilliant. Our leader Ole did a wonderful job assisting us with our problems.  We were a very cooperative group and I think the result shows that! Very well coordinated and a perfect addition to this wonderful festival.
  • I have nothing negative to say about that.
  • That it’s international. People from all over the world with different cultures, languages and interests.  There’s just something interesting about that.
  • The lunch should have been at 13:00 instead of 12:00because most of us has just eaten breakfast.
  • The food was fine, may be a little too much fish. And may be you could have had more salad.
  • I loved the volunteers, leaders and staff at NUFF.
  • Very interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the screenings and I loved the film quiz. I say more film quiz.
  • Keep up the wonderful work you’re doingJ

Elhadj Bamba Sene(Asse)
Group 3 Per-Ivar Jensen

  • I think this festival has many benefits  for young people.
  • The workshop si the thing the most important for me in the festival, because it allows us to increase our capacity in all areas of cinema. I think it is very important. All young ppl need training to improve their knowledge and the workshop I can say that training for us.
  • I think everything is perfect. And extraordinary people.
  • Workshops, film quiz and teachers’ films
  • Maybe there but I don’t know, for me everything is ok
  • May be eat fish everyday is a bit tiring
  • Everything is ok
  • It’s a good idea
  • I think that giving young people a chance to do is very important and is what currently doing NUFF

Augustin Rebetez
Group 1 Tom Schreiber

  • not so bad. No, i think it’s cool!
  • Level of participants in our group really different. =after  - problem of participation(one do more, others – less)
  • We didn’t really meet them
  • Meet people, workshop leader(Tom) see the movies at the end.
  • Reorganization of workshops.. may be by agem I don’t know
  • Fishsoup.
  • Cool
  • Cool too. I like the exhibition
  • Thanks!


NUFF c/o TVIBIT - Fredrik Langesgt. 29 - 9008 Tromsø - Norway